Tyler Shuster

  1. The Future I’m Going To

    Let me tell you about the tomorrow I’m going to:

    When everyone with a voice sings with the air passing through them -

    When everyone with feet dances on them -

    When strangers are people who have never seen each other before -

    When starships weave through dancing planets -

    When no canvas is too big -

    When the skies send back thanks -

    When every street is filled with music – where the music never plays over itself -

    When you can sing along to songs you’ve never heard before and never get written down

    When we all know it ends but we don’t stop it -

    When people go barefoot and don’t worry about broken glass -

    When we never stop writing

    and the perfecting keeps on going -

    When we learn to forgive every wrong because one day we’ll do it all again just so we can get back Now


  2. The hardest thing to be is nothing

    We are thrown into a story we know nothing of:

    In infancy we internalize our fate that this will be forever

    & by the time we toddle we teethe on terror to grow accustomed to its taste.

    In kindergarten we clash with kin and ferment in folly,

    furthering our futures as we believe them fated to be.

    By adolescence we grow antagonistic against the Ancient and hope to avoid Adulthood when we grow up – an infant again.

    I know no more.

    I don’t want happiness; I can’t want grief. I will not return to the womb.

    I must disappear entirely to become anything but what I resigned myself to become.

    I will water the creeping myrtle with my weeping and become the Earth once more.


  3. Lingua

    Infinital signature encrypted into digital by hands with ten fingers,

    dimensional arrays rearranged and codified still linger

    in a format so familiar: language -

    magic meanings manifested sounds agreed upon scratches,

    left behind in clay tablets, on papers, in spinning disks and the bits of the supernature

    one meaning woven through every word,

    one translation for every tongue,

    one letter to every lingua:

    the letters drawn by lines between the stars

    say the same as the letters between the lines

    say the same as the lives lived out on lines all coming back

    to the point we’ll never know we left


  4. Geosynchronicity

    Icarus touched the sky and dreamed of living there

    He bound the sun in rocket wings with feathers burning air

    Icarus tasted space and sanctioned a station high

    Within her sway tried hiding from the ancient Mother’s eye

    Left the calling hunger sung chronically for Love

    Forever falling hung geosynchronally above

    With borrowed breaths he burrowed to new abyssal deeps

    Scraped sand from Tranquility’s shores and took it home to keep

    Then stars of far-flung cities indicted his apostasy

    Bid him back to ground with the loving arm of gravity -

    What once bound him held now his hound of hell

    It was not the sun that killed him but his plunge back to the sea


  5. Today Begins the Long Today

    Today began with an email from Amazon stating that my trade-in had been rejected because of “Major cracks or dents” – on an iPad that had not left my hands with either. UPS could not be reached for comment. On the way to work my tire popped – thankfully at the bottom of a big hill. While walking, I received a text from a colleague informing me that I would need to wait a further (1 day late already) few hours to pick something up from him. But my mood will not be soured. The day is long and every moment is new.

    My current reading material primarily consists of two hefty volumes: Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid, and The Nag Hammadi Scriptures, a collection of gnostic texts. They have a lot to do with each other, more than their scribes imagined, I think. GEB exposes the origins of consciousness in inanimate matter and the Gnostic scriptures go a little further back. My parallel reading of them was unintentional. in my mind I can see their convergence. There will be words one day to describe their similarities. GEB is not inherently materialistic but implies that something about the limitations of consciousness. (I look forward to seeing its claims about the consciousness of the universe.) In the gnostic scriptures I see where GEB’s assertions could fit but the connection is as tenuous as any stretched over 2,000 years and a language barrier.

    I know that the reconciliation of religious principles and the “scientific” or materialistic/quantifiable-observationalistic mindset is possible, but it cannot come from either direction. I saw a recent Reddit comment describing the religious mindset like a detective who knows the cause of a crime before investigating and fits every evidence to that cause. It wasn’t wrong. But generalizing a mindset is. No person is an ideal that they represent. The Truth is, one mindset works from the beginning (causal/scientific) and the other from the end (religious) – but both are stuck eternally in the Now. Neither has any ability over the other to actually perceive anything else, regardless of their claim. And yet people still claim that someone who came at Now from a different direction is wrong because they describe a different sight. (Not even to discuss that both ideals claim the beginning and end as being the same.)

    The problem comes from the Human difficulty to see non-dualistically. A dualistic viewpoint (or just, viewpoint) renders one thing as being non-real because something else is real. But that presumes arrogantly that any human has ever conceived of something non-real. All our conceptions are twisted & knotted reflections of reality and can never “jump out of the system” (GEB). Of course, even non-dual and dual perspectives exist as a continuum. It would be awfully dual to state otherwise. Everyone admits, whether they classify themselves as “religious” or “scientific” that there is only one Reality whose depths they are trying to plumb. And yet when pressed most people will say there are people who are “just wrong” or any variant thereof implying that a real person has had a non-real experience. How silly!

    What I want to write, at the end of the day, is something reconciling these long-separated brothers. It seems that the framework already exists in writing and the two texts I’m reading represent the self-identified sides of this struggle. The most difficult part will be refraining from antagonism and genre. Categorizing people rather than giving specific examples is the quickest way to turn off receptivity. To speak generally about everything without speaking generically about anything – truly a difficult task, but I hope to train for the long task ahead of me.

    I’ve been going through the process of minimalizing my life as part of this training. To see the world in the clearest light possible requires as few distractions as possible, and to be genuine to the principles I espouse. The process of becoming genuine involves significant reduction. It is easy to be many things if you don’t worry about how their ideals reconcile. For me, this involves much physical reduction: giving or disposing that which does not serve my best interests, and exercism (sic) of unneeded bodily baggage. It also involves the trimming of habits – video games, web browsing (the wave to surf has broken and lies soaking into the plains), and other distractions. I am still messy with many attachments but the day is long and God is faithful to complete every good work.


  6. Initial Post

    My name is Tyler Shuster. I live in Northern California where I write and develop the Web. This is my personal website and an archive of thoughts I publish. The posts below have been imported from my Tumblr blog.


  7. Mindless prattle, meandering senseless trite regurgitated you know the type tight pony-tail boss’s sister entitled wordcloud of just generally everything I dislike about American Zeitgeist but still somehow related to me

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  8. Accidental Haiku

    I saw a crash today.

    Everyone wants to get somewhere.

    No one wants to drive.


  9. Looking for a photographer

    My ideal candidate is a rich white girl with an extensive portfolio of her friends standing in fields laughing. Strong bokeh preferred, although over-exposure will suffice. I also have a distaste for anything but pastel colors which must be accommodated. Qualified applicants should send me an email with the subject “Live, laugh, love.”

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  10. We knew the heights of the mountains we were to climb

    We never knew we’d find wings at the top

    Stray Verse

  11. Our god with a minuscule gee is #Google with a capital G And our #God with a majestic G is the #universe with minimal me

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  12. At its core the concept of hierarchy is simply a binary comparison: there are victims and victors, losers and winners. This is the concept we must seek to reject – all other manifestations of hierarchy are mere taxonomies

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  13. #mfw I realize the patterns I perceive in nature as aligning with my own existence are the heartbeat of the cosmos

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  14. Musical Typography: The web as music Part 1

    The page of today must be not only functional for the user – it must also be delightful. That which is delightful to the ear is called music: it is simply timbre and duration. Timbre refers to a frequency and duration to space between moments of frequency. When these two elements evolve over time according to various constructs, the result is a song.

    On the web we have the two elements of timbre and duration. Timbre, being a frequency, refers to the color or more broadly, visual appearance, of elements on the page, and duration is the spacing between objects as well as their size.

    So how do we form chords so that we can play songs? We first have to identify our notes. As anyone who knows html and css knows, there are discrete blocks presented to the user, in the form of elements. Typography elements are the most common, forming the backbone of the web. These elements relate to each other in fixed proportions, set by the web designer. These will do nicely as notes.

    Now that we have our notes, we can write our song. But this is a procedurally generated song. There will be different patterns as the visitor moves through the site: they will go from researching a company to disambiguating their specific request to checking out a product, all with very specific flows and rhythms. Certain types of pages will always take longer than other types, regardless of the user’s reading speed. That reading speed is the tempo, and everything else is set to it.

    User workflows are usually not very hard to identify, and that’s good, because the next portion requires knowing how users will be moving around the site.

    Using something like the following resources:



    Identify each of the pages or types of pages in the site’s workflow as a specific mood, being careful to note where in the specific groove they will fall. Then you can build your progression. For instance, the home page of a computer repair company could start with a major chord, move to an augmented disambiguation page in order to imply transition much like this phrase, and then land on a dom7 or major page. The song would then “fork” from there into another set of musical possibilities.


  15. Does everyone know I’m making this up? Is this what everyone does?

    Edit 4/18/14: confirmed

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  16. Facebook Comment I Thought to Share

    Science is fundamentally about naming things. When God says in Genesis that Adam can name all the animals and things on the earth what God is referring to is the ability to name and to classify things. This ability has changed over time and we have built through our use of language a hierarchy of things which have names and their relations to each other. Different groups of words describing the connections we see are called different scientific disciplines, but the overall process is referred to as science. Science teaches us many good things. One of these is the concept of evolution. Evolution simply means change over time. And the concept of change over time poses no threat to the Christian faith. I assume the specific concept that you take issue with is the concept of macroevolution which holds essentially that we descended from apes. This is empirically true. However, those Apes descended from smaller monkeys and those monkeys descended from small land-faring features which descended from fish in the seas which descended from small single-celled organisms. These organisms descended from amino acids which were created by lightning and other electrical phenomenon creating random arrangements of chemicals in the sea. These electrical currents were generated by the still active electromagnetic fields from the newly formed earth. The earth congealed from free-floating rocks that had just cooled into existence. They cooled into existence from energy via Einstein’s famous equation. All of existence therefore came from an explosion of energy in what we perceive of as space-time. The Big Bang happened in the explosion of elementary particles with only exist in very high temperatures and very high energy. At this level on this level of energy all matter in the universe behaves exactly the same way – in a single point. This point in which all of what we see of as existence exists within a larger framework. It goes on up to 10 dimensions, but I’ll cut to the chase, as that gets progressively more complicated, and I’m tired. At 10 dimensions, all of everything that the human mind can conceive of shrinks to a single point, and we can go no further in our understanding. This point, this 10 dimensional grid contains all information necessary to create all possibilities with in the universe. Outside of this there is nothing.

    And this is the mind of God of which the Bible and other sacred texts speak. The Bible is unique in that it explains this entire system, albeit through a 4000 year old metaphor. The reason science is taught in schools is because is this something that everyone can agree on metaphors are individual to a person. We don’t teach Christianity in school because it is the dominant religion in the U.S. (Almost 80% according to: http://religions.pewforum.org/reports, so calm your guns and cite your sources.)

    Now the reason there is this perceived “Bias” against Christianity is that just like God promised, he will “lift up the downtrodden.” The institution of Christianity has again taken advantage of its privilege and oppressed those it sought to guard. What you are perceiving as “anti-Christian” is simply leveling the playing field. A single method of thought has been taught as the best for too long. It’s time to present all the evidence. After all if we believe something to be true should it not stand under any scrutiny? The marvelous thing is that it does, and you don’t need to worry about Truth being derailed.

    Now all of this is available to anyone who wants to look. I recommend http://www.amazon.com/Source-John-Clayton/dp/1582291934 . The delivery is a little cheesy, but the information is good and can be double-checked against any science textbook you care to find, as well as against your bible. It was written by a multi-decade-long atheist turned Christian. It explains how Genesis describes modern physical scientific theory in detail. If you’re looking past the first few dimensions, I recommend http://www.amazon.com/Science-Akashic-Field-Integral-Everything/dp/1594771812 by Erin Laszlo. He’s been working in the field for about 50 years and has some great stuff to say. Neither of these books really explains “The Truth” better than the Bible of course, but it helps uncover some really amazing connections.


  17. god i get so fucking angry when i see all those happy straight white men and wish they could be miserable black women so that there would be more love in the world

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